Cold Plunge

Rehabilitation and athletic performance is enhanced.

Hot Soak

Relaxation and powerful therapy.

Soaking Tubs

Self-cleaning with low-chemical use

We ship to just about anywhere. All tubs operate on a standard 110 Volt, 15 amp outlet*.

Japanese Soaking Tub

Why use the Furo Hot Soaking Tub?

FUROHEALTH Japanese Hot Soaking Tubs can provide powerful relief for people with a variety of ailments. Fibromyalgia pain, arthritis pain, athletic injuries, and stress can all be treated and relieved. Our tubs can be incredibly beneficial for anyone with aches and pains where other treatments simply don’t work. Soaking is not only relaxing, but therapeutic.

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Cold Plunge Tub

Why use the Hyoga Cold Plunge Tub?

The Polar Bear Plunge - we've all heard of it and some of us have participated. Others make it a part of their daily or weekly health regimen. Rehabilitation is more effective and athletic performance is enhanced. The Hyoga Cold Plunge Tub is portable and self-contained. Our cold tub chills and filters the water for you providing clean, cold water whenever you need it. Plug it in and plunge away!

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We've been very happy with the tubs overall. Functionally, they perform well and they’re a big hit with our members. Plus they look great. We plan to expand in the near future and when we do we’d like to order more of your tubs.

Austin from Oregon

We really do enjoy our Furo Tub. Fits perfectly on the deck. Feels great. It looks really good, but next spring I’m adding a garden bed around it so it will really look great.

Jason from Toronto

The soaking tub is with no doubt the best investment I have ever made. The best part is it has saved me from my fibromyalgia pain and it's all in the water. The healing power that comes from the water is so amazing and so taken for granted.

Jackie and Don from Michigan

I am loving this least in the warmer months. Great after hard mountain bike rides.

Jim from Milton, Georgia

We have our tub in a small space next to the master shower where we can watch the hummingbirds and deer while enjoying a soak.

Randy from Oak Harbor, Washington

After experimenting with the two tubs, I found that it's most effective for me to jump into the cold tub immediately after a workout for 15 minutes, then immediately jump into the hot for 12-15 minutes. I find that I'm less sore the rest of the day. I don't have the usual aches and pains.

Keith from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Our Everyday Customer

Although we think all of our clients are special, not all of them are elite athletes or celebrities. Some use our soaking tub because they know the benefits of cold water immersion, how it impacts their body, their mind, their well-being. Check out one of our “average, everyday users” @connorlandick on Instagram.

Proudly Made In Michigan, USA