Benefits of Soaking

FURO® Hot Soaking Tub by FUROHEALTH® delivers a Japanese style, Old World experience with the modern cutting edge technology. The art of the Japanese bath is preserved by keeping the water still and hot. It is meant to be pure, clean, and chemical-free soaking. 

The FURO® Hot Soaking Tub offers deep-healing relaxation and reduces pain, aiding a myriad of health conditions: auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, Lyme disease, lupus, and fibromyalgia, as well as athletic & non-athletic stress, inflammation, sleep-related problems, and more. Time in the tub allows for deep muscle repair, joint relief, detoxification, and meditative mindfulness. 

HYOGA™ Cold Plunge Tub by FUROHEALTH® make the cold tub hydrotherapy experience available in a simple, portable, and easy-to-use system for your home. A cold plunge tub may not sound like fun at first, but the benefits are beyond worth it.

Known for aiding in faster recovery times, the HYOGA Cold Plunge Tub delivers a recuperating, immune system boosting, body refreshing blast that elite athletes and trainers have come to recognize as critical to top performance. The benefits of cold tub therapy can be seen in sports as well as everyday life.

Maintenance takes a total of about 15 minutes per month! FURO® Hot Soaking Tubs and Cold Plunge Tubs are the world's simplest and most user-friendly tubs in existence! They look great in a home spa, fitness room, or gym locker room.  


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