The Benefits of 50-60°F Cold Water

There's no need to torture yourself or go to extremes to reap the benefits of cold water exposure. Whether you're taking the 30 day Cold Shower Challenge or you're already incorporating a cold dip in the river, the lake or the Cold Plunge keep in mind 50-60 degrees can be just right. It may be the right temperature that allows you to make it a habit and part of your every day recovery health regimen. 

Through building the habit of experiencing cold water every day, you're teaching your body to handle stress, strengthen your willpower, learn to feel uncomfortable and become mentally tough. Throughout history exposure to cold temperatures and stress activated the flight or fight response. This briefly rushes you full of stress hormones like cortisol, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. While flooding yourself with these stress hormones, your body temporarily shuts down non-essential bodily functions including any inflammatory responses you may be having at the time. 

Flooding yourself with stress hormones may sound bad but when it's followed by recovery it fits into the same category as exercise, fasting and cold plunging. 

According to this recent article, using cold water therapy benefits your body and mind:

1. Improved Mental Clarity & Alertness

2. Reduced Inflammation & Improved Circulation

3. Lifted Mood & Confidence

4. Enhanced Skin & Hair Health

5. Boosts in Testosterone Levels

6. Can Help Support a Health Metabolism 

Get started today! Start by challenging yourself to cold showers or alternating between cold and hot water in the shower. If you have access to or eventually work your way up to cold water plunging, a river, lake or cold swimming pool might work. Of course, our Hyoga Cold Plunge is a great way to have cold water year round. You've got cold water whenever you need it or want it. The Hyoga Cold Plunge provides clean, cold, filtered water at temps between 50-60°F 24/7. Take the plunge! Soak On! 

article citation: 

Cold Showers Vs. Warm Showers

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