Why Cold is Good For You

At FuroHealth, we hear all the time how people can't imagine getting into the Hyoga Cold Plunge. They can't stand being cold! They don't like cold water! They're already freezing cold! Of course, this is in contrast to discussing the Furo Hot Soaking Tub.  They do understand that hot water is relaxing, soothing, meditative. They've tried it and know it to be true. Well, we have news for you! Although it may not seem to be relaxing and soothing, cold water has incredible health benefits.

Cold water has been found to reduce the lactic acid build-up in your muscles post workout. This leads to less swelling, less pain and a faster recovery time. Cold water or ice is also used when you have an injury and can lead to a speedier recovery following injury. Cold water can fight off inflammation by lowering the temperature of the skin and body tissue while constricting blood vessels. When you get into cold water, your blood rushes inward to protect your vital organs. When you get warm again, blood rushes back out flushing your system with fresh nutrients. Being cold has even been shown to reduce body fat and increase the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which keeps us young and healthy. At FuroHealth, we have a way for you to get cold on a regular basis! 

The HYOGA™ Cold Plunge Tub by FUROHEALTH® is a free-standing cold tub unit designed specifically for maintaining optimum health. Plunging into cold water at temperatures between 42-58 degrees Fahrenheit has been practiced for hundreds of years. As mentioned, it improves circulation, relieves depression, keeps your skin and hair healthy, strengthens your immune system, increases testosterone levels, increases energy levels, promotes better sleep, and invigorates your spirit.

Cold tub therapy has also become an invaluable tool for trainers and coaches. Modern athletes, both professional and amateur, have learned to love the use of cold plunge therapy. The HYOGA Cold Plunge Tub shrinks and constricts stretched and warmed muscles from athletic workouts, game play, running, biking, or any other strenuous activity. The decreased time it takes to recover from muscle pain and soreness allows a quicker return to full use of muscle groups and range of motion, a key component for any active person.

HYOGA™ Cold Plunge Tubs are self-contained, space saving and use standard 110-volt 15 amp household electricity (dedicated circuit, GFCI protected). 

Although hard to believe, the relaxing and meditative benefits can still be found in cold water. Maybe now you can imagine getting into cold water! Check out this great video touting all the ways you can embrace the cold: https://youtu.be/l0XbdyZKG0E

Soak On! 


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