Lifestyle & Stress Relief, Naturally

People with ailments are not the only ones who can benefit from the healing powers of soaking; there are many benefits that everyone can experience from the FUROHEALTH® Japanese soaking tubs. They are perfect for relaxation and stress relief. In this hectic world, having a source of relaxation right at home can help melt away the worries of the day. In addition to feeling great, soaking can help prevent sickness and disease to keep you healthy all year round.

Upon immersion into the hot water of the FURO® Japanese soaking tub, your skin immediately warms. The skin has 2.3 million sweat glands with tails that descend into the interstitial fluid, or “body water”. The body water has salt and other minerals dissolved within it. The sweat glands are activated and then naturally remove toxins from the body. This detoxification is just one more way to keep your body healthy.

Get an affordable Japanese soaking tub for your house, apartment, cabin, even RV! We have the perfect tub size for any location - just have an electrical outlet nearby.

FUROHEALTH® Japanese soaking tubs are also unique because they are easy to use, portable, environmentally friendly, and affordable.