Natural Disease Prevention

Prevention of injury and disease is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. Ask any athlete who stretches before a game, anyone who takes vitamins as supplements, or anyone who has gotten a flu shot. All of these things are common practices that people engage in to keep their bodies well and prevent harm. Soaking is just an alternative way to prevent disease and injury.

A Japanese soaking tub can soothe your muscles, ease tension in joints and ligaments, and keep your body and mind relaxed while helping to prevent sickness and disease. After just a few minutes, your bones will get warm, and as they do, your bone marrow temperature will go up ever so slightly. This temperature increase causes a production of white corpuscles for your blood system. This is the basis for your immune system. When you are sick, your body generates heat (fever) for this exact purpose, to help you heal by creating more white corpuscles to fight disease. Frequent soaking can help to strengthen your immune system, which can help you to fight off sickness and disease. Any one of the FURO® soaking tub products can provide this type of preventative medicine. Soak to keep your body well!