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It all started 40 years ago…

James McFarlandIt all started 40 years ago. Our father, James, experienced the hot soaking tub in a friend’s basement. He tried it and found it to be the most powerful, therapeutic experience of his life. He soaked, he sweated, he experienced the heat penetrating from the water into his muscles. You see, the Furo has no jets - just still, hot water. You sit on the bottom of the tub. Your body is immersed up to your chin. A hot soak is a ritual, not a way to get clean.

Dad recalled his experience to anyone that would listen. Soaking was his passion and he wanted to educate others about the power of soaking in still, hot water. After soaking more than 15,000 times, he believed it is FAR superior to any other form of heat or water therapy including bathtubs, jetted tubs, showers, saunas, steam baths and recreation tubs.

He delivered more than 6,000 tubs in his career, and led the way by developing a self-contained, portable tub that cleans and recycles the water to better-than-before condition. Soaking provides many health benefits, both preventative and curative in nature.

He was convinced that soaking in still water (hot or cold) can reverse tissue damage, speed recovery, and lead to a hardiness and resilience to withstand the stress, toxicity and danger of disease. We believe the benefits of soaking include pain control, an immune system boost, increased energy, mood enhancement, detoxification and improved sleep habits.

Soaking is life-changing. Once you’ve experienced it, you look forward to it, you crave it. Our customers love their Furo Hot Soaking Tub. Others find the Hyoga Cold Plunge equally therapeutic and invigorating. Some have one of both.  Our tub allows you to take advantage of these benefits in the privacy of your home.

Dad was passionate about jazz, art, family and soaking! He had a passion for life and living. We’re passionate about continuing where he left off - help us spread that word. The word he started 40 years ago. Here’s to finding your Furo, your Hyoga, your Health...your Peace.

Michelle and Jessica

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Just remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman