HYOGA® Cold Plunge Tub

HYOGA™ Cold Plunge Tubs by FUROHEALTH® make the cold therapy experience available in a totally portable, simple and easy to use system for your home. A cold water plunge may not sound like fun at first, but the benefits are beyond worth it.

Known for aiding in fast recovery times, the HYOGA Cold Plunge Tub delivers a recuperating, immune system boosting, body refreshing blast that top athletes and trainers have come to recognize as critical to top performance. The benefits of cold plunge therapy can be seen in athletics as well as everyday life.


HYOGA™ Cold Plunge Tub by FUROHEALTH® is a cold therapy unit designed specifically for maintaining optimum health. Plunging into cold water at temperatures between 48-50 degrees Farenheit has been practiced for hundreds of years. It improves circulation, relieves depression, keeps your skin and hair healthy, strengthens your immune system, increases testosterone levels, increases energy levels, promotes better sleep, and invigorates your spirit.

Cold plunge therapy has also become an invaluable tool for trainers and coaches. Modern athletes, both professional and amateur, have learned to love the use of cold plunge therapy. The HYOGA Cold Plunge Tub shrinks and constricts stretched and warmed muscles from athletic workouts, game play, or any other strenuous activity. The decreased time it takes to recover from muscle pain and soreness allows a quicker return to full use of muscle groups and range of motion, a key component for any athlete.

Finish Choices



Composite wood look-a-like, maintenance free cabinetry.



A heavy industrial look, a supremely rugged outer finish. Light weight, durable and mobile!


Price includes floating cover, equipment pack, ozone system, and cleanable filter. Other sizes, finishes and tubs for bathroom installations area available. Please contact us for details and special requests.

Hyoga™ Cold Plunge Tub Interior Dimensions
W x L x H
Exterior Dimensions
W x L x H
(2/3 full for use)
Weight Empty Weight 2/3 full Permawood DuraFinish

24 x 48 x 30 29.5 x 62 x 33 100 140 970 MSRP: $8,395
Your Price: $7,995
MSRP: $8,395
Your Price: $7,995
Average shipping cost is $425. We would be happy to give you a shipping quote if you send us your zip code.

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