WonderTub Soaking Tub

The WonderTub is the creation of James B. McFarland in response to over 30 years of spa industry experience. The WonderTub was designed to specifically address and overcome the obstacles to spa ownership and maintenance.

Traditional Spa The WonderTub
Expensive electrical wiring Requires no electrician or special wiring – PLUG IT IN TO REGULAR GFI OUTLET!
Costly deck modification or site preparation Place it anywhere! - ON THE DECK, IN THE YARD, INSIDE OR OUT!
Large footprint and space requirement Perfect for 1 or 2 adults and kids too!
Complete lack of portability Fits through a standard doorway! Lightweight and small enough to move anywhere – Take it to the cottage!
High maintenance and running costs are very high So efficient it costs less than $10.00 a month to run! (varies based on utility rate)

Specifications and Pricing

Price includes cover, equipment pack, ozone system, and cleanable filter. The WonderTub is available in three configurations:

Average shipping cost is $425. We would be happy to give you a shipping quote if you send us your zip code.

We Can Help!

The first American-made hot tub you will have confidence in ordering online, and easily starting and managing your tub. Avoid the costly hassle of contractors, electricians and site preparation. Order yours today. We invite you to call us at 888-364-8827 or email our knowledgeable experts to help you choose the right soaking tub for your needs. Contact us today!